Panoptx Churada


All frames ship with a soft case and microfiber cleaning cloth.


The low-profile Churada is the most popular 7eye sunglass. It comes with the patented AirShield that keeps your eyes hydrated and virtually eliminates the negative effects of wind, dust, pollen and other air-borne irritants.  Combined power limits  - 4.00 to  + 2.50.   

 Panoptx Churada CV Sunglasses is the new & improved version of the classic Sirocco.  The temple arms are straight, not curved like the original Sirocco.

Frame width from right temple to left temple: 129mm

It delivers the maximum performance and protection, in styles that express your need for speed. All our styles feature our patented sportglass technology which blocks out damaging elements, but allows your eyes to breathe. The Panoptx team has crafted a superior product that offers complete protection against wind and other elements, fits securely and comfortably, and dramatically improves vision during outdoor speed and motion activities.

Panoptx Churada CV Sunglasses Frame
Durable nylon frame wraps around your face, allowing for superior peripheral vision and a secure fit.

Panoptx Churada CV Sunglasses Orbital Seal
The patented Orbital Seal encloses and protects the eyes with eye-cup foam covered with a microfiber fabric that wicks away perspiration from the eyes while remaining cool and dry.

Panoptx Churada CV Sunglasses Vents
Articulated vents move air slowly across the inner lens keeping it fog free in aerobic activities.

Your glasses include a hard case and excellent adjusting head strap!

  • TD2 Scratch Warranty available
  • Fits small to medium sized faces
  • Available in your prescription for a great pair of prescription motorcycle glasses or prescription sunglasses
  • Has removable foam gasket which provides the ultimate in eye comfort


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Panoptx Churada

Panoptx Churada

The low-profile Churada is the most popular 7eye sunglass. It comes with the patented AirShield that keeps your eyes hydrated and virtually eliminates the negative effects of wind, dust, pollen and other air-borne irritants.  Combined power limits  - 4.00 to  + 2.50.   

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Lens Type

Tints, Polarized & Transitions

All of our lenses are polycarbonate and include UV & scratch protection

NOTE: Polycarbonate Polarized Coppertone lenses make the best sunglasses

No Lens
Clear Lens
[Add $80.00]
Polarized Coppertone - Brown
[Add $185.00]
Polarized Coppertone - Grey
[Add $185.00]
Polarized - Grey
[Add $150.00]
Polarized - Brown
[Add $150.00]
Transitions/Photochromatic - Grey
[Add $185.00]
Transitions/Photochromatic - Brown
[Add $185.00]
Bifocal Type

Bifocals will be set at “Recreational Height”, slightly lower than everyday bifocal heights.

Premium Progressive: Wider reading channels, newer lens design.

Lined Bifocal
[Add $45.00]
Standard Progressive No Line
[Add $90.00]
Premium Progressive
[Add $130.00]
Tint Type

NOTE: Gradient tints are not OSHA approved
Blue Blocking, Vermillion, and Welder's Green do not need an additional Tint Color

Tint Color

Tints, Polarized & Transitions?

Note: Don't see the tint you want? Call for more options

Anti Reflective Coating

Anti Reflective Coating

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating - Recommended for ALL lenses.

Anti Reflective (or Anti Glare) is a 9-layer multi treated process. AR treated lenses eliminating glare, improving light transmission and reducing smudges & scratches.

Anti Glare coating can make lenses seem invisible, eliminates reflections that obscure the eyes. AR stops reflections on front and back surfaces causing annoying distractions that make it more difficult to see and add to eyestrain. Driving comfort and computer use are enhanced by reducing glare occurring in these activities. AR reduces glare and increases light transmission to 99%. This improves general vision especially for high index lenses and transitions that transmit less light.

AR Coating has many benefits: Eliminates glare, improves visual acuity & perception, aids computer use, reduces eye-strain & fatigue, aids night driving, makes your lenses virtually invisible & more. Noticabel differences in any glare situation: Sun, Water, Sand, Snow, overhead lighting.

Anti Reflective Coating
[Add $60.00]
Premium Anti Reflective Coating
[Add $125.00]
No Coating
Ultimate Anti-Scratch Warranty

Ultimate Anti-Scratch Coating

Ultimate Anti-Scratch Warranty
[Add $44.00]
Premium Anti Fog Coating

Premium Anti Fog

NOTE: Cannot be used with other coatings except TD2

SafeVision® has the solutions to combat your eyewear fogging problems

You have probably tried many products that claimed to be "Anti-Fog", and none of them have worked for you (nor for us either). You are probably very skeptical and have concluded no product will work for you. We want you to try our new products. We have tested them and they work. We would not sell them if they didn't.

Permanent Anti-fog Treatment for Prescription Lenses
SafeVision, LLC's® Premium Anti Fog (PAF) Treatment bonds to your lenses and becomes an effective, anti-fog scratch coat, and with proper care will give you tough & long lasting anti-fog performance.

PAF is a treatment available on new lenses made by SafeVision. PAF can not be added to existing lenses. PAF is applied in a multi layer process similar to other premium SafeVision® coatings, including Anti Glare & TD2 Scratch Coating.

PAF is needed for our Industrial Safety Eyewear Customers, and others with active hobbies including Hunting, Fishing, Skiing and anyone who needs clear lenses in varying temperature conditions.

Other PAF Information:

  • Lens Types: PAF can be applied to any lens (Clear, Polarized, Transitions/Photochromatic)
  • Lens Materials: PAF can be applied to all lens materials (Polycarbonate, Plastic, Hi Index).
  • Durability: PAF bonds to your lenses scratch coating, it can't be "washed" or "wiped" off.
  • Compatibility: PAF can not be coated on lenses with Anti Glare or TD2 scratch coatings.
  • Treatment: PAF lenses require an additional 3 days processing - well worth the extra wait.

If you are looking for the first real solution for your prescription lens fogging problems, try SafeVision® PAF treatment on your next pair of SafeVision prescription lenses.

Premium Anti Fog Coating
[Add $70.00]
Mirror Coating
Silver Mirror Coat
[Add $75.00]
Gold Mirror Coat
[Add $75.00]
Blue Mirror Coat
[Add $75.00]
Case Type
Soft Case
Black Hard Case
[Add $15.00]
Camo Hard Case
[Add $15.00]
DeFog Anti Fog Wipes

DeFog Anti Fog Wipes

SafeVision is proud to distribute the best anti-fog wipe on the market, DEFOG-it.
DEFOG-It has been rigorously tested on the most popular brands of lenses and coatings, including Transitions and Anti-Glare coatings, and compared to the most popular brands of anti-fog. The results prove that while other products fog immediately in tests, DEFOG-It stays clear – even after simulations of moving from cold to hot environments 100 times.

SafeVision has independently tested DEFOG-It in varying conditions, including "Cold to Hot" and Vigorous Steam, and the treated lenses
WILL-NOT-FOG-UP, period.

Simply spread the DEFOG-It dry wipe on your clean & dry lenses, front & back, you are ready to go.

Use DEFOG-It on all types of eyewear: Dress glasses, safety glasses, sports goggles, ski goggles...anything.

The wipes are reusable so don't throw them away. You can store them in the original individual packet. Wipes remain effective for at least 5 treatments to the front & back of your lenses. When the Anti-Fogging properties diminish, simply give the lenses a good wipe down with your DEFOG-It wipe.

The conclusive results & reusable feature of DEFOG-It wipes make it the most effective and economical anti-fog wipe you can buy!

10 DeFog Anti Fog Wipes
[Add $20.00]
Rush Fee

Rush Fee

Rush Fee
[Add $40.00]
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