Don't Let HSA Or FSA Dollars Go To Waste

HSA FSA Prescription Safety Glasses

The end of the year is approaching, and that means many still have use-lose dollars in their flex spending or health savings account. Don’t let that money go to waste!

New prescription safety glasses or safety sunglasses are eligible expenses for both flex spending and health savings accounts. Instead of letting the money you set aside expire, why not invest in a new set of quality Rx safety glasses?=

SafeVision® offers a full line of the highest quality prescription safety eyewear on the market. Whether you’re looking for traditional safety frames, a contemporary wraparound design or specialty eyewear / spectacle kits, we carry a wide variety of frames in stock to fit every need and personal style.

HSA & FSA Accounts Are Use-Lose

The tax-exempt money set aside in your Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account needs to be spent within the calendar year or the funds are lost. If you were fortunate enough to avoid hospital visits for the year, this can pose a dilemma. If you have leftover funds that are at risk of being lost, investing in a new pair of high quality prescription safety glasses can help you avoid losing that money for nothing.

What Does a HSA or FSA cover?

Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts can be used to cover eligible medical expenses like prescription drugs and dental visits. They will also cover eye exams, contacts and prescription glasses, which includes prescription safety glasses.

SafeVision Prescription Safety Eyewear Is Eligible For Most HSA & FSA Providers

Our OSHA and ANSI z87.1 prescription safety eyewear is generally qualified for coverage under health savings and flexible savings accounts. If you have questions regarding your provider’s qualifications, contact your provider or call a SafeVision representative at 888-254-7406 today.

How To Purchase Prescription Safety Eyewear With A Health Savings Or Flex Savings Account

Many HSA & FSA accounts issue a debit card that can be used to make eligible purchases. If that is the case, simply enter the card info like you would any other credit card. If your plan does not issue a card, you will need to make the purchase with your own payment method and be reimbursed by your provider. An itemized invoice will be emailed after your purchase that can be submitted to your HSA or FSA provider.

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