Frequently Asked Questions

How do i know if my frame is in stock?
When you place the order online we will double check to verify that the frame is in stock.  If it is not in stock, you will be contacted either by email or by phone as to whether you would want to choose a different frame or wait while we order the original.

How do i know if the spec kit i am looking for is the correct one for my mask?
On the inside of the mask usually there are numbers or letters identifying which style mask you have.  You can usually do a google search or call us with the mask make and style and we can give you the spec kits that match it.  Also the search bar in our website allows for typing in the manufacturers name and it will list which kits match which style mask you have.

How do i know which size wrap matches the frame size i currently use?
Small to medium are good for measurements ranging from usually 44-52.  Medium size usually covers 50-57 sizes and large would be considered anything 56 and higher.  Each area has a bit of overlap.  Wrap frames are hard to determine a size that works when using the numbers on traditional frames.

I am having difficulty entering my rx can i send it to you?
Yes, you definitely can send in your Rx/Prescription.  Email it to [email protected]  When sending in via email please reference the web order # that was assigned to your order.  Also there is an upload function available.  You would need to save it to your phone or computer and then go to the directory you saved it in via the upload rx function and double click it to upload it in to the web order.  

What is a PD and How do i measure it?
Your PD is the measurement from one pupil to the other.  It is usually written in millimeters and ranges as a combined number from 55-75.  If written out individually it would appear between 25-38 for each eye.  This measurement is necessary to make your lenses regardless of lens style.  It can be obtained from your doctors office or most recent place you have gotten glasses from.

What is your return/remake policy?
Our return/remake policy can be found by following this link

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally.  The cost for shipping internationally starts at 40.00 and will vary depending on the country.  If you need this done you will not be able to complete your order online.  Please call in to our office and speak to one of our customers service or shipping specialists.  314-961-7406.

If i order transitions do i need to select tint color as well?
When you order transitions lenses you will have to choose between Grey and Brown.  Once that choice is made you do NOT have to again select a color.  

Can i get replacement parts for the frames?
Certain frames come with replaceable parts.  Adjustable nose pads, straps, foam gaskets are all replaceable and can be purchased for their retail price.   

Can you put lenses in my existing frame?
Yes.  Our lab can make lenses to fit almost any frame.  The only real limitation we have is that the frame be opthalmic in quality.  Meaning it can accept an rx lens.  And that the frame is in good condition with no visible cracking or brittleness.  If you need to send your frame in you will need to contact one of our customer service technicians to have them issue you an RMA via email so that we can have your frame arrive with instructions for us to process them.

Do you accept vision insurance plans?
We currently do not accept vision insurance.  You can however submit your receipts to your insurance for reimbursement based on what and how much they cover.

Can i use my HSA card to purchase eyewear?
Yes health savings account cards are usable.  To use the HSA card you will have to call in and order the eyewear over the phone 314-961-7406.  Our online system does not currently allow for purchase through the web.