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SafeVision "Office Ordering" allows your employees to order SafeVision prescription safety eyewear quickly & expertly, with the assistance of their own local Eyeglass Store.


  • Great selection of SafeVision Prescription Safety frames right at your office.  No more complaints of "bad selection" of safety frames.  
  • Employees can choose & try on their safety frame at work. 
  • Employee gets necessary measurements from their local eyeglass store of their choice...sometimes this step can even be skipped.   
  • Fast turnaround, glasses in about a week.  
  • Best of all: Big time cost savings when dealing with SafeVision

Here's how it works:
1. Working with you, we will assemble a collection of SafeVision prescription safety frames most suitable for your employees, and we will send these frame samples to your office.

2. Your employee chooses the frame of his/her choice from the sample collection, and takes this frame and our order form to his/her eyeglass store.  We will tailor the order form for your company later.

3. The eyeglass store will complete the 3 simple questions on our form, and give your employee a copy of their current eyeglass prescription.

4. Back at work, the employee returns the borrowed sample frame, and faxes or emails SafeVision the completed form & their prescription
(2 pages total).

5. SafeVision now has all information needed to perfectly make the prescription safety glasses.  We will make the glasses & mail to you.

Note: If your employee needs single vision lenses (i.e. no bifocal), the process is even easier.  In this case the employee just selects the frame at your office and faxes us the order form & their prescription directly from your office....the eyeglass store visit is not needed.

Finally, once your employee receives their new SafeVision prescription safety eyewear, they may need a slight adjustment to the frame.  In this case your employee can go back to their local eyeglass store and they will be happy to provide a free adjustment for your employee (who is also their customer).  Your employee still purchases their fashion eyewear & eyeglass exams from this store, and it is a standard business practice for any eyeglass store (including SafeVision) to provide a complementary frame adjustments & lens cleaning for any person, regardless of where they purchased their glasses.

SafeVision "Office Ordering" will save you and your employee time & money, and you will get the best prescription safety eyewear available anywhere in the world.

What Our Customers Are Saying

testimonial user "We were pleased with how the folks at SafeVision handled our corporate account. They knew all the requirements, and helped each of our employees get fitted with eyewear. What a great experience!"
James B.