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Consistent, superior scratch protection for both sides of your lenses

For those wishing to protect their lenses with the best anti-scratch lens treatment, SafeVision® offers TD2.

TD2 treated lenses offer consistent, superior protection on both sides of your lenses. TD2 integrates glass-like silica particles into its polymer matrix. They impart a hardness, durability and scratch-resistance superior to other scratch-resistant technologies. The polymer matrix is designed to expand and contract with the lens, reducing the opportunity for the lens to crack. The end result of this technology is a tough, yet flexible lens.

TD2 bonding process

TD2's unique polymerization process creates the most durable bond possible on both sides of the lens. The bonding process takes place in an ultra-clean HEPA-filtered environment that changes the air 31 times per hour. This ensures a perfect bond to the lens without any contaminants.

SafeVision® offers an optional 1-Year lens discount protection policy with the purchase of TD2.

When you purchase TD2 treatment, you have the option to purchase one (1) new set of lenses from SafeVision® at half the price paid on your original order, within 12 months of your original order processing date. Your TD2 claim form (see below) and glasses must be received within 12 months of your original order processing date.

We believe a warranty claim will not be necessary if your TD2 treated lenses are properly cared for, and you will enjoy your TD2 treated lenses for a long time without scratches. However, should you opt a TD2 Warranty claim, the following terms apply:

Terms of the TD2 Warranty Claim:

  •     TD2 treatment must be purchased at time of ordering new lenses from SafeVision® on the SafeVision order form.
  •     TD2 Warranty claim lenses will be made with the exact same lens type, prescription & coatings as the originally purchased lenses. Both lenses, left and right, will be remade as part of the TD2 Warranty claim.
  •     TD2 Warranty claim lenses will not be returned to customer.
  •     TD2 treatment allows for the purchase of one new set of lenses at half the price paid for the original lens purchase, within 12 months of your original order processing date.
  •     To make a TD2 claim, customer must contact SafeVision® within 12 months of original order processing date to verify TD2 warranty status, determine cost of TD2 warranty claim, and obtain a TD2 Return Authorization number. Customer must mail glasses to SafeVision at customer's expense and enclose the TD2 Warranty Claim Form. Payment of TD2 warranty lenses must accompany the claim form.
  •     SafeVision® will prepare new lenses in your frame and mail back to customer with no shipping cost to the Continental 48 United States. Shipments outside the Continental 48 United States will be charged for shipping.

What Our Customers Are Saying

testimonial user "Safevision has simplified the process of prescription safety glasses for our facility. Having the sample frames and deduct forms in a kit has saved us time and improved our team's satisfaction with the product. I would definitely recommend Safevision!"
Alicia H.