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SafeVision® has the solutions to combat your eyewear fogging problems
You have probably tried many products that claimed to be "Anti-Fog", and none of them have worked for you (nor for us either). You are probably very skeptical and have concluded no product will work for you. We want you to try our new products. We have tested them and they work. We would not sell them if they didn't.

Permanent Anti-fog Treatment for Prescription Lenses
SafeVision, LLC's® Premium Anti Fog (PAF) Treatment bonds to your lenses and becomes an effective, anti-fog scratch coat, and with proper care will give you tough & long lasting anti-fog performance.

PAF is a treatment available on new lenses made by SafeVision. PAF can not be added to existing lenses. PAF is applied in a multi layer process similar to other premium SafeVision® coatings, including Anti Glare and Mirror Coatings.  However, it can be added along with TD2 Scratch Coating.

PAF is needed for our Industrial Safety Eyewear Customers, and others with active hobbies including Hunting, Fishing, Skiing and anyone who needs clear lenses in varying temperature conditions.

Other PAF Information:

  •     Lens Types: PAF can be applied to any lens (Clear, Polarized, Transitions/Photochromatic)
  •     Lens Materials: PAF can be applied to all lens materials (Polycarbonate, Plastic, Hi Index).
  •     Durability: PAF bonds to your lenses scratch coating, it can't be "washed" or "wiped" off.
  •     Compatibility: PAF can not be coated on lenses with Anti Glare, but it can be added with TD2 scratch coatings.
  •     Treatment: PAF lenses require an additional 3 days processing - well worth the extra wait.

If you are looking for the first real solution for your prescription lens fogging problems, try SafeVision® PAF treatment on your next pair of SafeVision prescription lenses.

What Our Customers Are Saying

testimonial user "Everybody who has received glasses is still very happy with them. Many say that the glasses are better than their regular glasses. I have passed along SafeVision as a great resource for glasses."
Gordon G