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Dry Eye Syndrome / Sjogren's Disease
Eleven million Americans suffer from dry eye syndrome; four million suffer so acutely that they are diagnosed with the severe affliction known as Sjogren's Syndrome. Regardless of the severity of their condition, all dry wyw patients endure some degree of dryness, burning, itching, redness, grittiness, light sensitivity and loss of visual acuity. The complete Orbital Seal™ built into PanoptX performance eyewear provides relief for all these symptoms by creating a soothing moisture chamber around the eyes.

Post-Lasik Recovery
Patients recovering from LASIK corrective surgery often experience several of the same symptoms as dry eye sufferers. In a recent study conducted by the Corneal Research Foundation, use of PanoptX by post-LASIK patients showed increased comfort and decreased signs and symptoms of dry eye during the healing process as measured both 1-week and 1-month after having LASIK. Over 80% of patients in the study indicated they will continue wearing PanoptX.

Contact Lens Wearers
Thirty million Americans wear contact lenses, and while not all of them experience the same symptoms as dry eye patients, long-term contact lens use may be a contributing factor to the development of dry eye. Contact lens wearers who frequently use drops to refresh their eyesight will appreciate how PanoptX eyewear holds the moisture in and reduces the need for routine re-wetting. This is particularly true for contact lens users who live in an arid climate and/or enjoy outdoor activities that can compromise contact lens comfort.
How PanoptX Goggles help relieve Dry Eye Syndrome

Moisture Chamber
The most common solution for people with dry eye symptoms are eye drops. They replace the lubrication the eye is no longer able to generate naturally. PanoptX eyewear maximizes the therapeutic benefit of eye drops (such as TheraTears™) by creating a sealed moisture chamber around the eyes. By trapping humidity inside our patented Orbital Seal™, PanoptX eyewear allow's the soothing effects of artificial lubrication to last longer, diminishing the common symptoms experienced with dry eye.

Science of Fit Orbital Seal™
Our sealed Velocity eyecup is carefully crafted to follow the contours of the face, creating a perfect Orbital Seal around the eyes. Moisture is trapped inside and wind - along with any harmful airborne irritants - is locked out, enhancing comfort.

All-Day Comfort
You don't have to be clinically diagnosed with dry eye syndrome to feel the comfort benefits of PanoptX eyewear. Patients recovering from LASIK surgery and long-time contact lens wearers experiencing the same relief from debilitating, itching, redness and dryness. Because the eye is completely enclosed, dangerous UV radiation is blocked in all directions. Our unique, vented seal also eliminates the peripheral glare that can cause eye fatigue.

Patented, Filtered Vents
To ensure healthy air flow around the eye, foam-lined uents allow filtered air to circulate inside the Orbital Seal. No other eyewear offers this exclusiue protection from harmful airborne irritants.

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