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Polarized Photochromatic Lenses from Transitions™

Drivewear's 3 different stages are designed to maximize the eye's natural abilities in each of the different light conditions encountered both outside in direct light and behind the windshield of a car.  Finally, a Polarized AND Transition lens in one

Low Lighting Conditions - Lens Color:  High Contrast Green/Yellow

In low light/overcast conditions, Drivewear's polarized lenses are a medium yellow/green shade. The polarized lenses remove glare & maximize useful light information reaching the eye for optimum visual acuity. Drivewear lenses are not recommended for night driving.




Bright Light Behind Windshield - Lens Color:  Copper

In bright light driving conditions Drivewear lenses become copper. The polarized lenses remove glare & control the intensity, providing good traffic signal recognition, highlighting red & green colors.





Bright Light Directly Outdoors - Lens Color:  Dar Red/Brown

In very bright outside conditions, Drivewear lenses darken the most.   The polarized lenses remove glare and provide maximum filtration of excess light for optimum visual comfort/acuity.

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