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Polarized Photochromatic Lenses from Transitions™

Drivewear's 3 different stages are designed to maximize the eye's natural abilities in each of the different light conditions encountered both outside in direct light and behind the windshield of a car.  Finally, a Polarized AND Transition lens in one

Low Lighting Conditions - Lens Color:  High Contrast Green/Yellow

In low light/overcast conditions, Drivewear's polarized lenses are a medium yellow/green shade. The polarized lenses remove glare & maximize useful light information reaching the eye for optimum visual acuity. Drivewear lenses are not recommended for night driving.




Bright Light Behind Windshield - Lens Color:  Copper

In bright light driving conditions Drivewear lenses become copper. The polarized lenses remove glare & control the intensity, providing good traffic signal recognition, highlighting red & green colors.





Bright Light Directly Outdoors - Lens Color:  Dar Red/Brown

In very bright outside conditions, Drivewear lenses darken the most.   The polarized lenses remove glare and provide maximum filtration of excess light for optimum visual comfort/acuity.

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testimonial user "We were pleased with how the folks at SafeVision handled our corporate account. They knew all the requirements, and helped each of our employees get fitted with eyewear. What a great experience!"
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