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Polarized Gray and Brown

Polarized Grey & Brown - A polarized lens is regarded as the best sunglass lens you can buy. Most popular colors are grey and brown. Polarized lenses block glare from various surfaces including the sun, snow, sand, water, cars, and other surfaces that reflect the suns light.

In more technical terms, the polarization actually cuts out the light coming from the horizontal meridian while allowing in the light coming in from the vertical meridian. In other words, it blocks the light that reflects in from water, snow etc, reducing glare.

Coppertone Polarized: The Ultimate polarized sun lens.

Has added bonus of blocking harmful High Energy Light (blue light). Blocking blue light allows better color recognition and perception, and has many eye health benefits. For more information see the Coppertone Detail Page.


Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating - Recommended for ALL lenses.

Anti Reflective (or Anti Glare) is a 9-layer multi treated process. AR treated lenses eliminating glare, improving light transmission and reducing smudges & scratches.

Anti Glare coating can make lenses seem invisible, eliminates reflections that obscure the eyes. AR stops reflections on front and back surfaces causing annoying distractions that make it more difficult to see and add to eyestrain. Driving comfort and computer use are enhanced by reducing glare occurring in these activities. AR reduces glare and increases light transmission to 99%. This improves general vision especially for high index lenses and transitions that transmit less light.

AR Coating has many benefits: Eliminates glare, improves visual acuity & perception, aids computer use, reduces eye-strain & fatigue, aids night driving, makes your lenses virtually invisible & more. Noticabel differences in any glare situation: Sun, Water, Sand, Snow, overhead lighting.


Transitions: Photochromatic Lenses

Transitions is the biggest brand name in Photochromatic lenses, meaning the lenses change from clear to dark when exposed to the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. The lenses are virtually clear when you are inside, or at night, or on a cloudy day. When you are outside on a bright sunny day, the lenses will darken to a medium sunglass shade of either grey (most popular) or brown. When it is partly sunny, the lenses will darken somewhat, depending on the strength of the UV rays present.

Note: Transitions will not darken in your car, as your windshield blocks the UV rays that activate the lenses. For the ultimate sunglass lens, see Polarized below. For a polarized lens that will darken in your car, see Drivewear lenses below.

Polarized Transitions (Drivewear)

Drivewear is a new lens, available in either single vision or progressive, that is a Polarized and Photochromatic lens. For more information please see our Drivewear Page.


Another option in colored lenses is a tint, which is an external coating, and remains constant at all times. Light tints are used primarily for cosmetic purposes to enhance a wearer's looks, while darker tints can be used as sunglasses, however polarized lenses are preferred for sun lenses, as described above. The most common tint colors are grey & brown. Tints are applied to lens materials through a process of absorption. Lenses are immersed into a warm color bath, and depending on the length of time they sit in the tank, emerge in varying shades of darkness.

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