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Using our online ordering system, anyone in the world can order the best prescription safety lenses and frames at the best prices on the Internet.

Step 1. Obtain your current eyeglass prescription from your eye care professional. The prescription must be on your doctor’s stationery or form, with your Pupil Distance (PD) measurement listed.

Step 2. Order your glasses online or print out the order form.  The order form is an Adobe Acrobat file.

Step 3. Select your desired frames, lenses, and options.

Step 4. Pay for your order online or send in your order form with all the required information.

If at any time you have questions, please call us!

What Our Customers Are Saying

testimonial user "I just received my new glasses and I wanted to say thanks, they are great. I have worn your glasses now for several years and they have done their job quite well. I [work] for a local utility [company] and would highly recommend your company and it's products anytime. Thanks."
Tony W.