At SafeVision™ we are serious about the safety of your eyes in the home and workplace. That means providing you with the best up-to-date prescription safety glasses on the market today and dispelling many misconceptions out there about eye injuries.

Not Wearing Your Prescription Glasses Will Hurt Your Vision


Prescription safety glasses are meant to be an optical aid that changes the way our eyes receive light; it does not change the structure of the eye itself. Whether or not you wear your prescription glasses regularly will not make your vision worse. You may experience eye strain and headaches from not wearing your prescriptions, but your vision won’t be harmed.

Reading In Dim Light Damages Your Eyes


Many of us most likely grew up with this myth and we are glad to say that it is no truer now than it was then. Reading in dim light will not harm your eyes any more than it did our ancestors when they read by candlelight. If you are reading in a dimly lit room or on your phone at night, you are more likely to experience eye strain.

For phones, limit usage at night to not only help you sleep better but prevent digital eye strain. This condition can be prevented through the use of blue light glasses.

Most Eye Injuries Happen At Home


It is true that eye injuries can and do happen on the job (construction, welding, etc), but half of all eye injuries happen at home. This includes injuries from non-object or chemical means, such as UV damage from the sun.

Safety Glasses Won’t Completely Help Protect Your Eyes


When eye injuries occur, they happen because the person was either not wearing safety glasses or wearing the wrong kind of protection for the job. Having the right eyewear for the job is essential in keeping your eyes safe at home and at work, as is getting your glasses from a reputable source like SafeVision™.

For example, if you are a welder you want safety glasses that will protect you from foreign bodies and UV radiation. “Standard” safety glasses will not be appropriate for activities such as welding.

To get high quality safety glasses that you know you can trust to protect your eyes and vision, contact the experts SafeVision™ today. We will guide you to the best eyewear for you and your needs.

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