Your safety is number one in all situations. So, why put your safety at an unnecessary risk? SafeVision believes in trying on your glasses before committing to your purchase and keeping safety your top priority. Here are 5 reasons you should skip the kiosk:

1. Using a kiosk only superimposes one image onto another image. While quick and convenient, this process relies far too much on technology to fill in details that only touch can fill. Because of this, there is a large error percentage and you won’t get the segment height, the PD, or any other true-to-life measurements.

2. People are uniquely designed with curves and indentations that don’t leave much room for consistency across the board. While the glasses may work, for the most part, employees will not know whether the actual frames are going to fit their own individual face.

3. Your employees’ safety is the reason you’re making this investment. So, why cut corners that could put your employees at risk and, financially, take you two steps backward. With a kiosk, employees don’t have the opportunity to try the glasses on for their intended safety purpose.

4. Let’s go beyond safety. Your employees are happy to work, and willing to do their job at the highest level. So, why force them into an uncomfortable pair that will not only hinder their work level, but their work satisfaction as well?

5. Let’s say your employee stepped up to the kiosk and was amazed with the quick service. Two weeks later, they receive their safety glasses and they don’t fit. Try telling that to the kiosk. What you need is a dedicated team of safety professionals, who will answer your questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide you with the feedback and solutions you need for the ultimate hassle-free experience.

Offer your employees the supported safety service they need, without the risks and discomfort. Pass on the kiosk and try SafeVision on for size.