Sometimes our protective equipment can get in the way of being able to wear our prescription glasses. Without being able to see the best we can while wearing full-face respirator masks and gas masks, we are put in an unsafe position in the workplace. 

Spectacle kits from SafeVision™ are prescription-ready inserts designed for all major brands of full-face respirator masks and gas masks.

Comfortably Wear Your Prescription Lenses While Working

No one likes wearing uncomfortable glasses, especially when you have to wear a mask. Spectacle kit inserts take the stress away by being specifically designed for your mask or respirator needs. For example, the Scott 200371 is a replacement part for use with Scott Respirators AV-200. It is easily adjustable for the perfect fit so you can work safely.

Benefits of a Prescription Spectacle Kit 

There are several benefits of having your prescription lenses in a spectacle kit.

  • Polycarbonate material lenses combine lightweight and superior impact resistance.

  • A maximum field of vision that provides better optics.

  • Easy installation and removal for cleaning.

  • As a complete unit, insert and mask, they meet full compliance requirements.

  • You do not have to worry about damaging your prescription everyday glasses.

Special Lens Coatings Are Available For Spectacle Kits

Need special coatings like anti-fog? No problem! Spectacle kits are available in:

  • Transitions lenses

  • Brown and grey polarized lenses

  • A variety of colored tints tailored toward specific needs.

  • Anti-fog coatings

When ordering your spectacle kits from SafeVision™, you can easily customize your lenses for your specific needs.

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