The job of a miner requires a personal character that embodies the qualities of the utmost strength, camaraderie, and heroism. In such an extreme working environment, injuries can be life-threatening. That is why one of our top priorities at SafeVision® is to contribute to the safety of the coal mining industry.

In 2003, OSHA standards changed, making foam gaskets mandatory for coal miners. This big impact on the industry gave SafeVision the initiative to come up with new solutions and products to meet regulations. Our opticians worked in direct partnership with over 60 companies and 1,000 individuals to thoroughly test the efficacy of our frames and treatments in different environments and atmospheres. We are proud to state that the feedback reported from these tests achieved a satisfaction level of 100 percent.

As a result, SafeVision became a pioneer in creating a permanent anti-fog treatment that works in a variety of environments to which coal miners are exposed. Compared to other manufacturers who prepare their anti-fog via a spray-on method, our permanent anti-fog is double-dipped which results in a thicker and more durable treatment. Additionally, our treatment is thermally bonded to the lens, which makes it impossible to wash or wipe off. With this treatment, miners will never encounter the sudden wall of vapor that can impede vision or require the removal of their safety eyewear.

Not only does SafeVision offer a permanent anti-fog treatment, but we also offer a temporary anti-fog treatment. We are proud to guarantee this treatment to last 2-3 days, while similar treatments on the market that have proved to be ineffective.

Another popular option for miners is our anti-reflective treatment. This treatment protects miners who work both above and below ground, as it helps increase visibility, taking factors such as sunlight, low lighting and moisture into account. The hydrophobic and oil-phobic coating repels, oil, dirt, grease, ice, snow and rain. The miner’s line of vision remains clear, helping to promote safety in all conditions.

SafeVision’s plano lens collection is another product that was developed based on the direct feedback and requests from safety and human resource managers in the mining industry. This foam-surround collection is built to the same standard of quality as our prescription models, for those without the need for prescription lenses. We give detailed attention to the style and comfort of our frames, because we understand that the ultimate fit and comfort is important to prevent distraction and maximize safety on the job.

Just as the coal mining industry constantly seeks improved solutions, we do the same. At SafeVision, our practice is to stay abreast of industry trends and regulations. It is our goal to stay intimate with every aspect and challenge of the industry, even recognizing how industry developments can sometimes create budget constraints. That is why we work in conjunction with mining companies to provide low-cost options, so they can have a superior product that fits their needs, while keeping workers safe.

We understand that the culture of the mining industry is similar to the dynamics of a family and we intend to function as a trustworthy ally of that family. After all, your safety is our business!