Every angler knows that having the right equipment when out at his favorite lake, river, or fishing hole is vital to his success in reeling them in. Along with selecting the right rod, lure, and bait, having the appropriate eye-wear for trolling can turn a good catch into a great one. Set yourself apart from other anglers on the river by ordering a pair of custom, prescription glasses that will help increase your low-light visibility, offer safety and protection, and keep you looking good all season long.

Polarization and Visibility

Fishermen know that when you're dependent on Mother Nature at every cast, being prepared for acclimate weather, low-light environments, and bright light in open water, can make all the difference. Prescription fishing glasses can be customized for you with polarized lenses in a variety of glass colors which help the eyes adjust to either low-light or bright-light environments. Specially engineered lenses – created with your existing prescription – provide enhanced contrast of colors, help eliminate bright, open water glare, and allows your eyes to more clearly define details in order to provide you with clearer, sharper vision on the water. When trolling for and targeting bass, being able to see the subtle clues or subtle changes in water clarity, can be key in being able to hook and land the next big one. Vision, one of your primary senses, is one of the most important tools for a fisherman, and when enhanced, can maximize performance.

Safety and Protection

Custom made fishing frames are lightweight and crafted to be durable to stand the test of the elements. They're created with performance, comfort, and wear-ability in mind, to allow anglers to wear them for extended periods of time. From first cast to last call, fishing glasses also offer the wearer peace of mind and protection from unforeseen circumstances on the water. Fishing can be a messy business, with water and debris splashing about your boat or spot on the shore. Protect your sight from pebbles, rogue lures, and abandoned hooks with lenses designed to take a beating. Custom prescription fishing glasses also help protect your vision from harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. As the rays are reflected and concentrated by the surface of the water, some open water fishermen are at an increased risk. Avoid damaging your sight by always wearing eye protection on the water which is designed to filter out these harmful rays.

Stand Out and Look Good

For fishermen who wear sight-corrective lenses generic sunglasses which fit over your existing frames can be bulky, unattractive, and don't always offer you a full, panoramic view. A pair of custom-made prescription lenses dedicated to fishing can not only increase your game, but also offer a sleek, more attractive alternative out on the water. Stand out on the shore or sea with colors you pick. Represent your favorite sports team, match your boat's colors, or go bold and bright and be noticed. Set yourself apart from other anglers by having professional-quality, performance equipment. Remember that having a good pair of custom, prescription fishing glasses can be just as important as any other tool in your tackle box. Maximizing your vision with these specialized lenses can help not only boost performance on the water, but will also help protect your sight. Customize your eye-wear with a sleek, attractive frame in your personal color choice to make a bold statement on the water. Besides, who doesn't want to be the coolest guy on the water in the photo of a record catch?