St. Louis, MO (January 15, 2014) – SafeVision L.L.C., the manufacturer and a leading provider of prescription safety eyewear, today announced the latest addition to their own wrap-around safety collection. The new frame, called the OAKLEAF, is an advancement in wrap-around safety eyewear styling. The OAKLEAF is the first prescription safety frame to be offered in a carbon fiber and spider web design. The color selections for the OAKLEAF will include Matte Carbon-Fiber, Gloss Carbon-Fiber, Matte Spider-Web and Oakleaf Camouflage. SafeVision has been an industry leader in offering newer prescription safety glasses designed for individuals and for corporate programs. This achievement underscores SafeVision’s commitment to growth in a market that has been largely stagnant.

“This release is a another example of SafeVision’s innovations and new design concepts for safety eye protection and a featured addition to the SafeVision frame line,” said Brent Motchan, President and CEO of SafeVision, L.L.C. “We are very pleased that our customers have recognized the value of our line of frames. Our new innovative designs and styles are appealing to all ages of the industrial workforce and allowing us to present a new product to the safety industry while augmenting SafeVision’s frame line. This new addition to our frame line allows us to control the costs and quality of our prescription eyewear services.” 

SafeVision has been manufacturing and providing safety prescription eyewear since 1998. It is known for having the largest selection of wrap around safety frames in the industry. Wrap around style frames coupled with certified safety lenses offer the lightest, most comfortable, and most impact resistant solution for eye protection.

SafeVision provides individual corporate safety eyewear plans to small and Fortune 100 companies. Company plans are tailored to the company’s need with the help of SafeVision’s prescription safety eyewear expertise. SafeVision’s industrial designers are actively developing stylish and ergonomically crafted eyewear to ensure the wearer’s comfort and safety. If employees like their safety eyewear's comfort and style they are more likely to comply with safety requirements. 

SafeVision has developed its own branded SV™ frame line to offer a lower cost and high quality alternative to the current safety frame market. Prior to the launch of this new frame, it went through a testing process to ensure compliance with OSHA safety regulation. The OAKLEAF has been certified by an independent third party laboratory to meet OSHA Z87 standards.


About SafeVision

Founded in 1998, SafeVision is the maker of the popular wrap-around style safety frames. Its corporate safety plans are known for their extensive selection and budget conscience pricing. The company’s mission is to take the hassle and guesswork out of providing safety eyewear to companies and individuals. SafeVision currently serves over 350 large and small businesses and thousands of individual customers around the world. The OAKLEAF can be viewed along with other SafeVision branded frames at