Maintaining your prescription safety glasses from SafeVision™ is critical in the safety of your eyes. Well cared for safety glasses protect your eyes in the workplace, at home, and outdoors from debris, UV damage, chemical splashes, and eye strain

To keep your safety glasses looking like new, follow these essential safety glasses maintenance tips:

Develop A Daily Cleaning Routine

To ensure that your safety glasses will continue to protect your eyes and your vision in the workplace, you must develop a daily routine. A daily routine will get you in the habit of correctly caring for your prescription safety and checking them over for damage.

For example, clean your glasses each and every time you go on break and at the end of the day, storing them in a hard case with microfiber liner in a safe drawer or locker.

Dust Off Any & All Debris Before You Begin To Clean Your Prescription Safety Glasses

Before you begin to clean your safety glasses, gently dust or blow off any debris like dirt, sand, or iron powder. In doing so, you will be preventing scratches on your safety glasses. Only when debris and dust have been removed can you apply a cleaner.

Use The Right Cleaner When Cleaning Your Safety Glasses

Not all cleaning solutions are safe for the cleaning and maintenance of your safety glasses from SafeVision™. Using the wrong cleaner, like window cleaner, can damage the special coatings on your safety glasses, such as anti-fog.

Instead, use a cleaner designed for your prescription safety glasses. These can come in both sprays and pre-moistened wipes and are readily available at your local pharmacy. Do not clean your safety glasses with the bottom of your shirt or a rag; it will scratch the lenses.

Remember To Clean The Side & Ear Pieces Of Your Safety Glasses

Cleaning the lenses of your prescription safety glasses is important, yes, but did you remember to clean the ear and side pieces? The ear and side pieces of your safety glasses can get just as dirty as the lenses, causing skin irritation and obscured vision.

Again, these can be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning solution, as well as being run under lukewarm water and dried with a clean, microfiber cloth.

Clean Your Cases & Microfiber CleaningCloths

The cases and microfiber cloths used to protect your prescription safety glasses can get dirty as well, so it is essential that you regularly clean them. Gently hand wash the microfiber cloth in cold water with a drop of a mild detergent that does not contain fabric softener. For cases, gently dust away any debris and dirt.

Give Your Eyes The Protection They Deserve

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