Safety glasses are an essential tool that should be well cared for. Whether you are in a home, office, or factory setting, these glasses protect your eyes and their health by preventing debris and other foreign materials from harming your eyes.

And just as your safety glasses protect you, you must protect them from scratches.

Gently Remove Dust & Debris

Dust, dirt, and debris on your safety glasses should be removed by gently blown and dusted off. This is an especially important step before you clean your glasses because if debris is left on as they are cleaned, they will get scratched.

Use A Microfiber Cloth & Cleaning Spray

Never use your shirt, tissues, rags, or paper towels to clean your safety glasses of smudges! These materials are not meant for cleaning and can cause scratches on your prescription safety glasses.

Instead, use a microfiber cloth and cleaning spray, or pre-moistened wipes, to clean your glasses of any smudges. Never use cleaning sprays not meant for glasses lens, such as window cleaners. These contain chemicals that can negatively affect the special coatings of your safety glasses lenses.

Correctly Store Your Safety Glasses

High-quality safety glasses should be treated with the respect they deserve. When you take off your safety glasses, be it in the office, warehouse, or at home, don’t just toss them on the nearest table and go about your business. Instead, store them in their hard case. A hard case will protect your glasses from damage and scratches.

SafeVision™ has a wide variety of safety glasses frames and lenses available with the lens technology of Hoya. If you find scratches on your safety glasses, please avoid trying “home remedies” like fillers, baking soda, or other pastes that polish or buff. This will cause more damage to your glasses. Rather, contact the experts at SafeVision™ about lens replacement. Our team of experts is ready to help!

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