Are you a cyclist? Do you know someone who is? Along with common safety equipment like a helmet, reflective clothing, and the right footwear, have you considered adding safety glasses to the list? For many cyclists, the answer is likely no, though that should really change.

SafeVision® offers some of the best cycling glasses in the industry to protect your vision and eyes while you enjoy your favorite outdoor activity.

Prescription Safety Glasses Are Designed To Withstand Impact

Accidents happen – a lot. According to the CDC, there were 467,000 cycling related injuries in the United Stated in 2015, which means a lot of possible eye injuries.

Prescription safety glasses from SafeVision are designed to withstand impact to protect your eyes and are OSHA / ANSI z87.1 certified to meet and exceed the highest standards.

Offers Great UV Protection

Prescription safety sunglasses are an excellent alternative to your everyday prescription sunglasses since the polycarbonate lenses offer the best UV protection available while cycling.

If your eyes are exposed to too much UV light, they can develop problems like cataracts, which cause blurry, cloudy vision.

While store-bought sunglasses can reduce UV exposure, they are often built to minimum standards and won’t protect your eyes from long-term exposure. SafeVision prescription safety sunglasses block the highest level of harmful UV radiation that you are constantly exposed to outdoors.

Prescription Safety Glasses Keep Debris Out Of Your Eyes

Whether riding on asphalt or a dirt trail, there is always the chance of a stray rock or other piece of debris will get kicked up.

SafeVision’s prescription safety glasses for cycling are designed to keep out dust and debris so your eyes stay clear and protected from any environmental hazards.

We Offer The Best Fit & Styles

At SafeVision, we use MEI EzFit technology for our sports wraparound frame styles to eliminate most of the comfort problems that come with generic sunglasses and ensure the perfect fit for your cycling safety glasses. That means no slipping, a comfortable fit, no gaps and clear, non-distorted vision.

And don’t go around thinking that prescription safety glasses are boring! Our prescription safety glasses come in a wide variety of unique styles and colors so you can make a statement and show off your personal style.

Just as you wear a helmet to reduce the chance of serious injury, protecting your eyes should also be a priority. If you don’t have a quality set of prescription safety glasses for cycling, it’s time to consider investing in a set to keep your vision safe while you ride.

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