As providers of safety eyewear we are often asked about eye health problems of individuals related to viewing computer screens.  The most common eye and vision related complaints are eye strain, eye fatigue, eye irritation and blurred vision.  Computer users often complain or tired, burning, itching and watering eyes; headaches; flickering sensations and double vision.  These complex eye and vision related problems associated with using a computer are referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

Many of the visual symptoms experienced by computer users are only temporary and will decline after stopping computer work.  However, some individuals may experience continued reduced visual abilities, such as blurred distance vision, even after stopping work at a computer.  If nothing is done to address the cause of the problem, the symptoms will continue to recur and perhaps worsen with future computer use.

Can eyewear address any of the complaints of CVS?  Obviously the problems associated with CVS are intensified when the individual’s corrective lenses are out of date.  The first line of attack should be to make sure that the individual has had an up to date eye examination.

After an individual renews his eyewear prescription, SafeVision® can offer other ways to help reduce CVS.  There are specialty lenses developed to aid the computer user.  These lenses provide the computer user greater convenience than other multifocal lenses.  Another enhancement for the computer user is anti-reflective (AR) coatings.  AR coating reduce ghost images and backside reflections, while improving light transmission and greater visual comfort.  A further option available is a tint to counteract the effects of intense fluorescent overhead lights.


SafeVision® through years of providing prescription eyewear in industrial and office settings is happy to assist your and your employees with problems caused by CVS.  Not only is the computer user benefitted by greater comfort and less stress but his employer benefits by less down time and greater productivity.


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