When you think “safety glasses” do you imagine plain, boring glasses that don’t look good on anyone? When your company requires you to wear safety glasses, do you dread cheap, unflattering glasses that may not fit correctly?

With SafeVision®, you can put these worries behind you with our custom prescription safety glasses designed just those who appreciate quality fit and finish.

Pick Your Style & Fit

To find safety glasses that meet your needs and specific style, first start by deciding what type of glasses you need.

Do you need them to be wraparound? Do you need safety glasses for task-specific jobs like welding or operating mobile equipment? What about action eyewear for activities like golfing and hunting?

Cheap, one-size-fits all safety glasses and kiosk based safety eyewear do not have the right grip and protection to keep your eyes safe for an extended period of time – they have a tendency to fit incorrectly and fall apart.

At SafeVision, we carry hundreds of styles of safety glasses in custom sizes, including women’s and Asian fit. With such a varied selection, you are guaranteed to find the perfect style and fit for you and your needs.

Pick Your Color

Once you find a style you love, it’s time to pick a color. Many of our custom prescription safety glasses come with a selection of design options to choose from so you can find a pair of safety frames that also fit your personality.

For example, the SafeVision Leopard comes in five colors ranging from blue/black to wood grain.

By ordering your own unique frame style and color of prescription safety glasses, you are not only getting glasses that look good, but you won’t dread wearing them day after day.

You can feel assured that the unique style will fit properly without irritation.

Versatile, High Quality, & Accurate Fit

At SafeVision, there is no “one-size-fits-all”. We believe each pair of safety glasses should be unique to the wearer and fit their individual needs.

With our MEI EzFit machine technology, SafeVision can ensure that your safety glasses are the perfect fit. If you require prescription lenses, you can be confident that they will be the correct strength and cut to-order.

SafeVision’s durable and versatile glasses will help you save money in the long run as there will be no need to constantly replace cheap glasses that easily break and fall apart.

It’s time to quit using cheap, boring safety glasses – try SafeVision’s durable and versatile safety glasses today and see what a difference quality safety eyewear can make.

Give Your Eyes The Protection They Deserve

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