Are you a safety director or human resources manager with the responsibility of purchasing prescription safety eyewear? Well, we understand the problems that you are facing. We do not want to startle you but this article will address several problems and issues that would probably not be on your radar screen and that you need to know.


My first topic is hidden costs. Different companies have different plans and budgets for prescription safety eyewear. Some companies pay for the full cost of eyewear and other companies have a more restrictive budget. Regardless of what your budget may be, you need to be aware of hidden costs. The costs of prescription safety eyewear can generally be broken down into the frame cost, the lens cost and the cost of special treatments such as anti-reflective coating, extra scratch protection or anti-fog protection. SafeVision wants you to be aware of the hidden costs sometimes associated with lens costs. SafeVision’s lenses are made of polycarbonate, the strongest lens material for safety eyewear. Other prescription safety eyewear providers often quote the pricing for lenses based on plastic lens material and then tack on an additional charge for polycarbonate lenses. Another feature of SafeVision’s lenses is that they come with Ultra Violet (UV) protection and a scratch coating at no additional charge. This is not with case with all prescription safety eyewear providers and the safety professional or the human resources professional in charge of implementing a prescription safety eyewear program should be aware of these hidden costs.


The next area that I would like to cover is what I call robot dispensing. Some of you may remember when digital watches were the rage. That craze lasted a number of years but ultimately the style now and for some time has been the time tested analog movement. A new product to the prescription safety eyewear market has been robot dispensing. Although the glamour is there and it appears to be a time saver, SafeVision’s prescription safety eyewear programs are designed to get the safety director or the human resource manager out of the safety eyewear business. Our process takes minimal time and inconvenience. Not only that, what do you ask the robot when you have a problem? SafeVision’s prescription safety eyewear programs are set up to eliminate your problems as well as solve any issues that you may have as the person in charge of your company’s safety eyewear program.


Lastly, there is one more hidden item to be aware of in the mysterious world of lenses. We know that eye safety is of uttermost importance. For most of us cost comes in second. We also want to make sure that in the process of implementing or administering a prescription safety eyewear program, that you don’t lose track of what should come right after safety in importance. This is the simple concept of optics. Beside safety, we want to make sure your co-employees can in fact see to the best of their ability with their safety glasses. SafeVision does this by using the latest and best technology and using digital lenses in its eyewear at no additional cost. Another full article will be devoted to digital lenses but suffice it to say, watch out for hidden additional charges by other prescription safety eyewear providers for digital lenses.