SafeVision, LLC is very pleased to announce a true story from a Material Handler employed by and working at the facility of a SafeVision customer. Several months ago we received a request to replace the left lens of a SafeVision frame which had a tiny scratch in the center of the left lens. The scratch occurred when it was struck by a metal binding. Along with the request came the story of the incident.

The Material Handler position at the facility among other duties, delivers sheets of steel which are carried on forklifts to different stations at the facility. On the day of the incident, a pallet of steel sheets 48” by 120” was on the Material Handler’s forklift suspended approximately 3’ from the ground. The Material Handler had cut the metal bands which held the steel in place. After the Material Handler had cut one of the metal bands and was pulling it from the pallet, a spring action occurred and the metal band snapped backward and hit the Material Handler squarely on the left lens of his safety glasses. The Material Handler described what had occurred as “happening so quick that I couldn’t duck. If I didn’t have the safety glasses on I would have had serious injury and damage to my eye. I was very thankful to have been wearing the safety glasses. This was my first pair of prescription safety glasses and they saved my sight.”

We do not always have the opportunity of hearing what happens in the field and in the trenches, but when we hear a story where we were a part of preventing an injury it is nice to have the opportunity to share the experience.

 All of us at SafeVision look forward to working with you in the future. SafeVision is a leading provider of prescription safety eyewear and safety eyewear programs.