SafeVision Now Offers High Definition Digital Lenses

SafeVision® LLC from its beginning has been dedicated to product innovation and the use of new and improved frame designs and technologies. The goal has been to improve satisfaction and increase compliance with safety eyewear protection standards. To that end, SafeVision is pleased to announce that it is the first prescription safety eyewear provider to offer the benefits of High Definition Digital Progressive lenses to its customers.

Progressive lenses often referred to as “no-line bifocals” have become a very popular solution for eyeglass wearers because they offer multiple focus points. Without these multiple focal distances the patient or in this case employee is forced to adjust their posture (the tilt of their head) sacrificing comfort. The “basic” progressive lenses offered by most prescription eyewear providers have very narrow and restrictive focal points on the lens. Peripheral vision in these lenses can be narrow, blurred and distorted. Employees are forced to completely turn their gaze (point their nose) in order to see clearly.

Studies done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and safety organizations reveal that over 2000 avoidable eye injuries occur each day in the workplace. Avoidable because the worker was not using eye-protection or the protection was improperly used or fitted. This number does not include the injuries and/or loss that happen due to poor vision.

The “basic” progressive lenses increase fatigue caused by eye strain and can result in headaches, dizziness, blurred/spotty vision and nausea. Ergonomically pain to the neck, back, and shoulders is caused by constant adjustments to these muscles to bring objects into focus. Carpel tunnel, stiffness, aches, and other syndromes can occur from poor posture and muscle strain. This employee is at risk of missing days of work, not meeting productivity goals, and feels discouraged to use protective eyewear. The chances of costly remakes increase. Discomfort can cause an employee to abandon the protective eyewear completely and put themselves at higher risk of eye injury.

Digital High-Definition Progressive lenses, used by SafeVision, utilize new lens fabrication technologies optimized with computer controlled surfacing equipment. This increase in precision allows the prescription to be made at more precise increments than conventional tools allow. This increase in precision adds acuity and clarity. Digital lenses also take into account how the lenses are positioned in front of the employee's eyes to provide the most accurate lens power and the sharpest vision possible. High-definition progressive eyeglass lenses offer an unprecedented degree of customization that eliminate distortions in the lens and widens peripheral vision.

Instead of offering this fantastic innovation as an “upgrade” or “upcharge,” SafeVision has chosen to make High Definition Digital Progressives lenses standard. We feel every person working in the field, on the manufacturing floor, on the road, or in the lab deserves clear vision in a comfortable frame. Comfort means compliance. Better vision means better safer performance.

For more information on High Definition Digital Lenses call SafeVision at 314-961-7406.