Practicing eye safety in the workplace is an excellent way to ensure the health of your employees and be seen as a responsible employer. Personal Protective Equipment like prescription safety glasses from SafeVision® is an essential part of keeping the eyes of workers safe.

But even if you provide prescription safety eyewear, you should also have an eye safety audit in place to help identify hazards in the workplace and ensure safety regulations are being followed.

Look At Your Current Audit

If you already have an eye safety audit, you should review it for accuracy and compliance with updated safety rules.

If you find it outdated and lacking, take some time to review updated rules and guidelines from regulators like OSHA.

Identify Workplace Hazards

What hazards exist in the workplace? Whether indoors or outdoors, a number of hazards exist in the forms of splashes, projectiles, dust, and foreign objects.

For example, when employees are performing tasks like welding or tree care, they have to contend with not only particles, but other dangers like UV exposure that can damage their eyes.

By identifying potential hazards in the workplace, you can actively work to minimize risk to your employees.

Select High Quality Prescription Safety Glasses

ANSI certified and OSHA compliant prescription safety glasses are an essential part of keeping your employees’ eyes safe. When choosing a provider of prescription safety glasses, ensure that they are not a “one-size-fits-all” manufacturer.

Each employee is unique and requires frames that fit them properly and that protect against the hazards they face. SafeVision offers the largest exclusive frame selection in the industry with its over 65 styles of SafeVision-branded prescription safety eyewear.

Enforce Policies & Educate Employees

Finally, educate employees on the use and benefits of safety eyewear and ensure that the policies are enforced. Take the time to schedule a meeting with employees to discuss the benefits of eye safety.

In addition, make sure that management understands and follows eye safety rules. When they set the example by following safety eyewear guidelines, employees are more likely to follow suit.

SafeVision Corporate Safety Eyewear Program

If you are looking for an easy way to order prescription safety glasses for your workplace, the SafeVision Corporate Safety Eyewear Program is there to help. With this program, there is no hassle in ordering high quality prescription safety glasses or specialty eyewear for your employees, as you can choose the program that is right for you:

  • MySV®
  • In-House Ordering
  • Provider Network Ordering
  • Onsite Service Ordering

With the SafeVision Corporate Safety Eyewear Program, you can easily manage your orders and program features with personalized services and a certified optician consultant!

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