In past blogs, we have stressed the importance of safety glasses in the workplace, home, and outdoors to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Why Does Lens Tint Matter, Anyway?

No two lens colors are created equal, all having their own unique purpose and benefits. Tints are not purely for aesthetic reasons

It is important to remember that many lens colors and tints overlap in their uses and purpose. For example, green and brown are both good for partly cloudy days and sports such as fishing and golf.


Gray is your classic lenses tint for prescription safety glasses and is very popular the world over. This color helps reduce brightness and glare, making it great for outdoor sports and driving. Sunny or cloudy, you can’t go wrong with gray.


Need to be able to judge distance? Amber-colored lenses are the way to go. Amber helps brightens vision on cloudy days and can help you see better against blue and green backgrounds. Choose this color for fishing, hunting, and cycling.


Filters some blue light and reduces glare to reduce eye strain in bright environments, providing high contrast and visual sharpness. Like gray, green-colored lenses are great for general, everyday use.


Yellow lenses can most commonly be seen in outdoor environments on hunters, baseball players, and skiers. This color increases contrast in low-light and foggy conditions.


Red lenses block blue light and excellent for reducing glare and eyestrain when using the computer, and can be used in most weather conditions, like snow. This color also offers road visibility and improves visual depth.

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