When we go about our day, we blink frequently, moistening our eyes with tears. When we are on our devices like computers and smartphones, we blink less. This causes dry, tired eyes and blurry vision, also known as digital eye strain

To prevent digital eye strain, follow these 5 safety and habit tips:

Take Frequent Breaks

If you are on your device most of the day for work, take frequent breaks. For every 20 minutes on the computer, look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. If you have trouble remembering or keeping track of time, set a timer on your phone.

Remind Yourself To Blink

Just like you would remind yourself to drink water or get up and walk around, remind yourself to blink! Reminding yourself to blink when at your computer will go a long way in helping prevent digital eye strain by keeping your eyes moistened. If you find your eyes to be dry, consider artificial tears.

Invest In High-Quality Blue Light Lenses

High-quality blue light lenses will go a long way in helping mitigate the symptoms of digital eye strain. They take the strain off of your eyes and make it easier to work at the computer.

SafeVision™ is committed to the health and safety of your eyes by providing you and your employees with high-quality blue light safety glasses. Our safety glasses can be purchased by individuals or as a group thanks to our many Corporate Programs.

Prepare Your Workspace 

Putting a humidifier in the area where you are most on your computer will help keep the air moist. This, in turn, will prevent dry eyes while working. Make sure that there is enough good lighting in your workspace and consider getting a matte screen filter to prevent glares.

Making text larger, raising the screen contrast, lowering the color temperature, and raising the device’s refresh rate will all help make looking at the screen easier and help mitigate digital eye strain.

Take Control Of Your Eye Health

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