Fogging is a major hazard to workers in dangerous environments such as manufacturing and mining. While anti-fog wipes can get the job done, they are inconvenient and must be consistently used. 

By making the switch to high-quality anti-fog safety glasses, workers will be much safer as well as preventing frustrations caused by limited visibility.

Anti-Fog Glasses Help Manage Environmental Changes

Fogging occurs when there is a temperature difference between the inner and outer surface of the lens, causing them to “sweat”. Anti-fog coating on safety glasses lens prevents this reaction by resisting and managing environmental changes such as temperature. This is especially important for workers who have to simultaneously work in both hot and cold conditions.

Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Increase Visibility

Increased visibility is one of the biggest reasons to wear anti-fog safety glasses. In working environments workers must have the best visibility possible to be able to see what they are doing and be aware of any potential danger. Anti-fog lenses increase the wearer’s visibility in the workplace.

Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Reduce Employee Frustration

When glasses get foggy, workers have to take them off to wipe them down. This dangerous annoyance may stop workers from wearing safety glasses altogether

Anti-fog lenses prevent this frustration and encourages employees to wear their PPE consistently while on the job.

Get Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Professionally Fitted By SafeVision™

Additionally, if the eyewear is too tight, there is little airflow, which can cause fogging in hot and humid environments. When prescription safety glasses are fitted to the wearer’s face, they fit better and can help prevent issues such as fogging.

Getting your employees professionally fitted for safety glasses can prevent problems such as fogging, slipping, and pinching. We offer the Corporate Safety Eyewear Program, which provides personalized services, a certified optician, and an easy way to order anti-fog safety glasses. Simply choose the program that best meets your needs and we will take care of the rest!

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