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Cataracts and Eye Protection

Approximately 22 million Americans that are forty years or older have cataracts. Additionally, almost half of all Americans that are 80 years or older have cataracts. Fortunately, there have been some amazing advancements in the treatment of vision problems with corrective surgeries in the past decades, but the best treatment is prevention. Most people don’t think about protecting themselves from cataracts later in life, and by the time they realize they need preventative maintenance for their vision, it is often times too late.

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Must Have Protection When Welding

Welding is well-known for being a job with many dangerous hazards. Every single day of work, a welder is exposed to hazardous conditions such as extreme heat, industrial chemicals, and light so bright it can damage your vision if you lack the proper safety equipment. Despite numerous health and safety standards, welders are frequently injured on the job. To minimize personal injuries or to negate them completely, a welder needs to be armored with personal safety equipment. One of the most common types of injuries sustained while working are eye injuries (of many varieties), and a pair of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87 certified safety glasses can protect your eyes from the ravages of light exposure while welding.

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Optical Help for Computer Stress Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome can cause problems such as tired, burning, itching and watering eyes, headaches, flickering sensations, and double vision.  A proper pair of prescription glasses can help alleviate these problems.

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