1. March 10, 2015

    The Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses

    Consolidation One of the great benefits of prescription safety glasses is that you consolidate your eye glasses and eye protection into one entity. While some people opt for eye protection that fits over their regular everyday eye…
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  2. March 10, 2015

    Critical OSHA Safety Standards

    OSHA Regulations and Specialty Eyewear As an employee who requires prescription lenses, you need to understand the OSHA standards to obtain the level of protection you are entitled to. Two important OSHA standards that pertain to…
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  3. January 07, 2015

    3 Easy Steps to Creating a Corporate Safety Eyewear Program

    At SafeVision, we offer a simplified process for ordering prescription safety glasses for your company. All it takes is three easy steps! Here’s how it works: Contact Us: Contact us via telephone or email to set up an…
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  4. December 30, 2014

    Top 5 Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses

    If a worker is suffering from an eye injury, it’s most likely due to improper eye protection or lack of any eye protection at all. Many people do not realize the importance of eye protection in…
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  5. December 24, 2014

    Set Yourself Apart with Custom Prescription Fishing Glasses

    Every angler knows that having the right equipment when out at his favorite lake, river, or fishing hole is vital to his success in reeling them in. Along with selecting the right rod, lure, and bait, having the appropriate eye-wear for trolling…
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