Low Rider

The Low Rider in the 6 base frame  can be used to provide a safe and comfortable pair of prescription XRAY glasses .  Now you can wear your prescription glasses while you work in an XRAY and lab setting.  This frame is also i deal for fishing, water sports, snow/ski, cycling, motorcyling, and other outdoor activities.     Price includes Leaded Plano (Non-Prescription) lenses.      

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All frames ship with a soft case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Attenuation: 95% radiation reduction @ 125 KVP Direct Beam.

Features of SafeVision X-Ray Glasses:

  • Certification:  All leaded lenses meet or exceed ANSI standards for optical clarity, visible light transmission, power and prism correction
  • Rx Ability:  Our X-Ray glasses are available in non-prescription, single vision, lined bifocal, or no-line progressives
  • Side Shields:  Optional, leaded side shields available for scatter protection

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