XRAY Sprint Jr.

The Sprint Jr. can be used to provide a safe and comfortable pair of prescription XRAY glasses.  Now you can wear your prescription glasses while you work in an XRAY and lab setting.   Price includes Plano (Non-Prescription) lenses.  

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All frames ship with a soft case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

These glasses are designed for professional radiation proection use only.  They are not intended for any sport, hobby, or potentially high impact activity.  Serious injury could result from wearing leaded glass lenses in an impact environment

Attenuation: 95% radiation reduction @ 125 KVP Direct Beam.

Features of SafeVision X-Ray Glasses:

  • Certification:  All leaded lenses meet or exceed ANSI standards for optical clarity, visible light transmission, power and prism correction
  • Rx Ability:  Our X-Ray glasses are available in non-prescription, single vision, lined bifocal, or no-line progressives
  • Side Shields:  Optional, leaded side shields available for scatter protection

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