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Asian Fit Prescription Safety Glasses

Asian consumers often have difficulty finding safety frames that fit properly and are comfortable.  SafeVision has a line of frames that have proven to provide comfortable prescription safety glasses to the Asian workforce.


SafeVision Releases New OAKLEAF Safety Frame

SafeVision announced the release of their latest addition to their own wrap-around safety collection, the OAKLEAF


Digital Lens Technology

Comfort means compliance.  Better vision means better performance.  Read how SafeVision can help you reach your company's goals for quality, productivity and compliance through the latest advancements in lens technologies.´╗┐


Battery/Flame Safety Frame

SafeVision, LLC, providing Safety With Style has released a new frame, the Battery/Flame Safety Frame.

SafeVision Releases New Battery/Flame Safety Frame´╗┐



Announcement about a great new prescription safety frame from SafeVision, the REGIMENT.



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