Why you should not go with a Kiosk based safety eyewear program

Kiosk based safety programs can be disastorous for your employees eye safety due to a lack of human review and coordination. ...more
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SafeVision is proud to announce details of a new merger. ...more

Become a Worry-Free Safety Manager

This posting is all about how SafeVision can help make the life and job of a safety manager easier by providing a prescription safety glasses program. ...more
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Asian Fit Prescription Safety Glasses

Asian consumers often have difficulty finding safety frames that fit properly and are comfortable.  SafeVision has a line of frames that have proven to provide comfortable prescription safety glasses to the Asian workforce. ...more

Tips for Buying Safety Glasses

Some quick and helpful tips for finding and buying the right safety glasses for your needs. ...more
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Benefits of Foam Gaskets in Safety Frames

Read more to learn about the many benefits of adding foam gaskets to your safety frames ...more
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Top 5 Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses

If a worker is suffering from an eye injury, it’s most likely due to improper eye protection or lack of any eye protection at all. Many people do not realize the importance of eye protection in the workplace. Potential hazards can be avoided simply by covering your eyes. Here are the top five reasons why you need to wear safety glasses.  ...more
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SafeVision Releases New OAKLEAF Safety Frame

SafeVision announced the release of their latest addition to their own wrap-around safety collection, the OAKLEAF ...more

Digital Lens Technology

Comfort means compliance.  Better vision means better performance.  Read how SafeVision can help you reach your company's goals for quality, productivity and compliance through the latest advancements in lens technologies. ...more

Protective Eyewear for Welding

“Be Prepared” has been the Scout Motto for over 100 years. It means to be ready in both mind and body for the task at hand. For welding preparing the body means wearing the proper protective equipment. Whether a person is welding full time or if it is an occasional task it is vital to maintain the same levels of protection of the eyes and face. As Katie Twist-Rowlinson points out in Industrial Hygiene News, “no matter how infrequently welding operations are performed – or how briefly welding is conducted – it is essential to protect the eyes and face from the obvious and hidden dangers of welding.” As a welder, a non-welder that assists or works in the welding area, or a safety engineer/manager/supervisor, how are you preparing yourself and your co-workers to protect their vision?  ...more
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