Defog It AntiFog Wipes

Defog It AntiFog wipes keep your glasses fog free for all conditions and can be used on any pair of glasses.  Order in packs of 10. 

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SafeVision is proud to distribute the best anti-fog wipe on the market, DEFOG-it.
DEFOG-It has been rigorously tested on the most popular brands of lenses and coatings, including Transitions and Anti-Glare coatings, and compared to the most popular brands of anti-fog. The results prove that while other products fog immediately in tests, DEFOG-It stays clear – even after simulations of moving from cold to hot environments 100 times.

SafeVision has independently tested DEFOG-It in varying conditions, including "Cold to Hot" and Vigorous Steam, and the treated lenses
WILL-NOT-FOG-UP, period.

Simply spread the DEFOG-It dry wipe on your clean & dry lenses, front & back, you are ready to go.

Use DEFOG-It on all types of eyewear: Dress glasses, safety glasses, sports goggles, ski goggles...anything.

The wipes are reusable so don't throw them away.  You can store them in the original individual packet.  Wipes remain effective for at least 5 treatments to the front & back of your lenses.  When the Anti-Fogging properties diminish, simply give the lenses a good wipe down with your DEFOG-It wipe.

The conclusive results & reusable feature of DEFOG-It wipes make it the most effective and economical anti-fog wipe you can buy!

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