X-Ray & MRI

X-Ray & MRI

SafeVision, LLC is a provider of prescription safety eyeglasses to organizations around the world. Recognizing the urgent need for quality, stylish & affordable X-Ray radiation protective eyeglasses for the healthcare & medical industries.

Special Note: These glasses are not to be used for impact safety.
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We are proud to introduce our line of protective prescription glasses for radiation exposure. We use Schott SF6 high lead glass, which blocks the most amount of x-rays in the range of 70 to 120 Kvp.

For MRI (Magnetic Imaging) scans & Functional MRI (fMRI) applications SafeVision offers a package of plastic goggles with interchangeable prescription eyeglass lens inserts in a wide range of Rx powers. The durable goggles are an economical way to provide your patient population with simple corrective eyewear while in the MRI equipment. You simply interchange the Rx inserts based on the Rx needs of your patient.

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